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For most of us, the driveway isn’t somewhere we spend a lot of time cleaning. Sometimes we run a garden hose over it whilst watering our gardens or give it a brush down with soapy water every now and then. Block paved driveways can be especially tricky to clean and sometimes best left to the Red Letter Garden Improvements experts.

The truth is that by getting your drive looked at by the Red Letter Garden Improvment experts can vastly increase the lifespan of your drive as well as making it look like a brand new driveway. You can, of course, do this yourself however by the time you’ve bought all the equipment and the correct cleaning products then spend the time doing the job it can be much easier and often cheaper to call in a professional.

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Pressure Washing FAQ’s

Why Should I Invest In A Professional Service?

Firstly, pressure washers are a specialised and highly powerful piece of equipment. If used incorrectly, you can cause irreparable damage to your driveway or patio area. Our Driveway Cleaning team will always advise against carrying out pressure washing yourself.

Without prior knowledge of training, pressure washing can disturb the foundations of block paving. If a pressure washer is applied directly to block paving, it can disturb the sand layer that rests beneath. If this delicate layer is damaged it can lead to sinking.

How Long Does This Service Take?

This is dependant on the size and staining of your driveway. Timings will be covered by our Driveway Cleaning Slough & Gerrards Cross team during your consultation. We always aim to offer you the finest service possible and it should take us no longer than one day, even for the largest patios and driveways.


How Do You Remove Weeds And How Can I Prevent Regrowth?

We will include a weed removal and treatment service if that is something that you wish to incorporate into your driveway cleaning. Our Driveway Cleaning Slough and Gerrards Cross team can include weed-killing chemical treatment for more stubborn weeds, but for smaller outbreaks, our team can use our pressure washing equipment to eradicate the problem.


When your driveway is clean and weeded, our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team will provide your surface with a sealant. This will ensure that any external substances like oil, moisture, dirt, and weeds stay out of your driveway.


Is My Driveway Beyond Saving?

We are often asked if a driveway or patio is beyond saving. The truth is, as bad as the staining and discolouration may seem, in 99% of cases, we can revive your driveway. No matter what kind of staining and dirt that has accumulated on your driveway, our qualified Driveway Cleaning Gerrards Cross & Slough team can use our specialist equipment to invigorate your driveway.


If sections of your driveway are beyond repair (i.e are sinking or crumbling) we can recommend the next course of action to get your paved area back into top shape. No challenge is too much, and our fully qualified team can work with a variety of soaps, detergents and pressure washing machines to provide a superior clean to any driveway.


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